Magic mushroom spores

What are the advantages of Spore Sprints?

Mushroom spores for sale | Psilocybin spores for sale

Magic mushroom cultivation can be done in a variety of ways, but starting with spore prints offers several obvious benefits.

Spore prints give unrivaled protection against infection, to start. Prints do not include living mycelium suspended in a liquid growth media, unlike liquid cultures. As no extra materials are utilized during preparation in a lab, there are no potential pollutants for bacteria to consume.

Moreover, spore prints have a longer shelf life. Even years after you purchase them, you can still use them if you maintain them in their packaging.

Spore prints enable mycologists to learn about mushrooms from the beginning, which advances their field. You can now create your own slants, agar plates, and liquid cultures.

Psilocybin mushroom spores | Psilocybe cubensis spores

What are the advantages of spore prints?

The process can be carried out using syringes or agar plates after obtaining your supply of spore prints. Simply place the contents of your pack into a sterile water jar and suction the water with a sterile syringe to create spore syringes. The spore syringe can be used to directly inject substrate or to introduce spores to a sterile sugar solution in order to expand the mycelium in a liquid culture. To cultivate the mycelium in Petri dishes, you can completely omit creating spore syringes and simply drop spores directly onto agar.

Mushroom spores for sale

Our magic mushroom spore prints are among the greatest in the world since we are passionate about everything psychoactive and we always do things correctly. Our goods pass through your letterbox unharmed because they were created in an aseptic lab environment.

Several mushroom species, in contrast to plants, need a sterile environment in order to flourish and produce useful goods. You may relax knowing that you’re not contaminating your growth media when you get spore prints from Magic Mushrooms 4 US.

We’ve been a reliable supplier on multiple forums for nine years, so don’t take our word for it.

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