Magic Mushroom Substrate kit XL | Mondo® Grow Box XL


When you are looking for a high yield and absolute cultivation freedom, the MONDO® Grow Box XL is what you need. This mushroom grow box contains high quality and sterilized substrate.

The MONDO® Grow Box includes : Sterilized Substrate, Liquid Culture, Syringe, Alcoholswaps, and a Grow bag.

You can use the MONDO® Grow Box XL to grow medicinal mushrooms like Reishi and Lion’s Mane, edible gourmet mushrooms like the Oyster mushroom or use it to spawn your own psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms.

With the MONDO® Grow Box XL, spores are not included. You can choose to add pre-selected cubensis spores together with your kit with a 20% discount.

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Psilocybe cubensis grow kit USA


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Psilocybe cubensis grow kit USA | Shroom kits USA

Psilocybe cubensis grow kit USA – The Mondo® Substrate Grow Box allows you to grow fresh mushrooms in just a few weeks. The kit includes everything you need to begin cultivation; you simply add the spores and choose how to grow.

What is a Mondo® Grow Box?

The Mondo® Grow Box contains an improved PF TEK or BRF substrate in an injection port container. Mondo® Grow Box is the ultimate mushroom growing experience that eliminates the need to make substrate.

The sterilized substrate in the Mondo® Grow Box is 2100c c/ml. The injection port makes injecting mushroom spores simple. This allows you to inoculate the Mondo® Grow Box with whatever spores you want.

Mondo® Grow Box Includes:

  • Spawn box with sterilized substrate 2100 cc
  • Hypodermic syringe
  • Liquid Culture
  • Alcohol Swab
  • Instructions

You will need:

  •  An disinfected area to work
  •  Spores; a Ready to use Spore Syringe or Inoculated Liquid Culture vial
  •  Clean / Drinkable Water
  •  Waterspray / Misting bottle

Grow With Spores

You can select your mushroom spores from a variety of spore vials included with the product. When purchased in conjunction with the Mondo® Grow Box, the mushroom spore vials are discounted by 20%.

Why spore vials?

The spore vials are a unique way of handling spores, we prefer them over spore syringes for a few reasons:

  • Non Static: no spores sticking to vail
  • Easier to Handle
  • Better shelf-life and storage

Grow with Liquid Culture

Inject the spores into the Mondo® Liquid culture and allow them to germinate. In the Liquid culture vial, mycelium grows. Using Liquid Culture strengthens the mycelium, reduces colonization time, and increases success rate.


Keep your substrate kit in a clean refrigerator at all times! We advise using the substrate kit as soon as possible. The kit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months.

Mondo® Substrate Grow Box Instructions

Before you begin. Make certain that your work area is clean and sterile. If you’re growing mushrooms, make sure there’s no draft.

Hand disinfectant or antibacterial soap should be used to wash your hands and arms every time you handle the mushroom substrate kit. Use disinfected gloves and a face mask for extra protection.

Let’s get started by taking the first step: The liquid culture should be immunized. If you want to directly inject spores from a spore syringe, skip this step and proceed to the “Inoculation of the Substrate kit.”

Prepare the Liquid Culture

Wash your hands and clean the working area! .

  1. Shake the spore vial or syringe very good to make sure all spores are floating.
  2. Disinfect the injection site of the liquid culture and the spore vial or syringe with the alcohol swap.
  3. Inject 2 ml of spore solution in the Liquid culture

Shake the inoculated liquid culture vigorously once a day every day for 10 days Store the inoculated liquid culture in a place between 23-27 degrees Celsius. The liquid culture is ready when you see a cloud floating in the suspension. This is mycelium..

Your Liquid culture is ready, It is called the Master Culture, if used and stored properly you can have lots of mycelium from only a bit of spores..


  • If the liquid is murky, it means there is a contamination and the culture is unusable.
  • If you don’t use the liquid culture for 10 days, store it in the refrigerator

Inoculation of the Mondo® Substrate kit | Magic Mushroom Substrate kit XL

Lay out all the materials you need on a disinfected work space. You will need:

  • Mondo®Grow Box substrate bag
  • Mushroom spore syringe or Liquid Culture with germinated mushroom spores,
  • Inject the needle of the syringe into the port. Add 2-3 drops of mushroom spore solution in every corner of the substrate and in the middle of the mushroom substrate bag.
  • A lighter or spirit burner
  • Alcohol preps
  • Disinfectant spray

Prepare your mushroom spore syringe with 5-10 ml of spore solution or use 25 ml of the Liquid Culture. This is enough spores to inoculate the Mondo® Grow Box substrate.

  1. Locate the injection port on the substrate bag. Clean it with an alcohol prep.
  2. Now get your spore syringe or Liquid Culture syringe and heat the needle, red hot, with a lighter to make it sterile. Let the needle cool off for a few seconds.
  3. Inject the needle of the syringe into the port. Add all of the mushroom spore solution in the substrate kit.
  4. Turn and Shake the kit 360 degrees in all directions , to spread the spore suspension.
  5. Store the kit in a dark place with a temperature between 23-27 degrees Celsius.

After inoculation the mycelium will form and slowly grow over the substrate. This is the process of colonization.


To allow the mycelium to grow and colonize the substrate, place the Mondo® Grow Box in a dark place with a temperature between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

After 3-5 days, mycelium will begin to grow from the spots where the spores were dropped. Mycelium resembles cotton and becomes more stringy as it develops and colonizes the mushroom substrate.

The mycelium takes 2-4 weeks to colonize the substrate in the box. There should be no empty substrate spots.

Wait another 5-7 days to ensure that the spores have colonized the inside of the substrate as well. Now that the mushroom substrate has been completely covered by mycelium, the kit is ready to be fruited.

Growing mushrooms from the Mondo® Grow Box

When the substrate is fully colonized the fruiting process can be started. It is time to grow mushrooms!
First wash your hands and clean up the work area.

Now get the mushroom substrate box:

  • Open the corner of the lid and fill the grow kit with cold tap water until it’s full.
  • Close the lid and let is soak in a cold place for 9-12 hours. This can be done in the refrigerator
  • After 9-12 hours drain all water out of the kit, by opening the lid a little and poor the water out.
  • Add 150 ml of clean water to the grow bag (filter bag)

Put the prepared substrate in the fruiting bag. This bag forms your grow chamber.

  • Mist the grow chamber to get the humidity up. Always spray against the sides of the fruiting bag, never on the substrate or mushrooms.
  • Close the grow bag by holding the top a few times and fix it with a clip.

Pick a warm and bright spot for the kit. Do not put the grow kit in direct sunlight. Optimal temperature is 23 -27 degrees Celsius. Keep the fruiting chamber moist, by spraying water every 2 (two) days.

The first pins, micro mushrooms, can appear within several days and up to two weeks. Refresh the air 1-3 times a day by opening the grow bag, letting C02 out , and closing the bag with lots of fresh air inside.

Harvest from the MONDO® Grow Box

When the mushrooms are mature, harvest them for spore collection or other purposes.

Harvest the mushrooms when the caps are almost completely open. Pick them with a slight counter-clockwise twist.

Rehydrate the kit by soaking it after harvesting to produce a new flush of mushrooms.


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